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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

The power to heal is within you.  When we get injured, our body has a whole system in place with the ability to heal itself.  Usually the healing process is evident with bruises; you can see the bruise change color, and as visible swelling goes down, the healing is evident. The factors that initiate this healing cascade are found in the blood. With the use of technology and medical know-how, we can concentrate these healing factors and reintroduce the healing factors to a strategic, directed point.

PRP has become common place in many different specialties and practices of medicine. Unfortunately, the definition and standards vary by practice and often do not provide the concentration of growth factor or the isolation of plasma free of red blood cells for optimal response. Just taking blood and putting it into a centrifuge is not sufficient to have bio-active potent proteins that have an actual effect in the skin.  We believe there is a science and development in this field and offering PRP means delivering the best and most effective evolved method of therapy available.

PRP is easy, quick and free of any possible allergies or lasting ill effects. It is routinely incorporated in the majority of our procedures.

What is a Platelet?

A platelet is a minute colorless anucleate disklike body of mammalian blood that is derived from fragments of megakaryocyte cytoplasm, that is released from the bone marrow into the blood, and that assists in blood clotting by adhering to other platelets and to damaged epithelium—called also blood platelet, thrombocyte

Source: MedlinePlus Medical Dictionary


How Does it Work?

Platelet-rich plasma injection (PRP) is an emerging therapeutic procedure in medicine and rehabilitation for the treatment of both acute and chronic soft tissue injuries. It involves collecting blood from the patient’s arm, separating the platelets via centrifuge and injecting it back into the patient’s injured tissue area to augment (or facilitate) the body’s natural healing response.

Source: Science Daily Article, March 2016


How Does it Regenerate?

Platelets are cells that clot blood and contain over 300 active growth factors. In tissues that are aging and do not repair and regenerate well, growth factors may help to improve healing by creating an environment to foster healing and regeneration of tissue.

Source: Science Daily Article, March 2016


What’s the Process of Getting PRP?

Simplified: You take your blood, spin it and re-inject it.

However, there are other considerations and the methods are widely disputed. We research all the variables and use many systems. The blood needs to be mixed with an anti-coagulant and has the potential to cause reactions. Some methods use different coagulants, or gel separators which we have first hand seen allergic responses. We use the method that makes the most clinical sense with the most natural approach.

Other considerations include volume of blood, gentle nature of the spin, the decision of anti-coagulant to prevent clotting in the sample. More factors to consider include the swiftness and gentleness of the handling and avoidance of contamination in handling. One important factor is to let the product activate at the intended target site. Platelets once activated are no longer potent so exposure to any blood or environment of altered PH will render the platelet inactive and may not produce any significant result.

We almost always introduce PRP with a soft tipped cannula since a sharp needle tip will introduce blood and activation at the source of the injection. Our results have been impressive to date.  PRP like everything else is in our state of balanced evolution, as we learn more about it, it will only continue to improve.


Where do I use PRP?

PRP is rich in growth factors and cytokines. They help to promote growth and increase cell function in contrast to the environmental damage and normal aging process that the cells are normally battling and subject to damage. You can use it anywhere there is any injury or any area of the body that can benefit for growth or cellular repair. The applications are limitless. Increased cellular activity is preemptive by a state of inflammation which is generally predictable and short lived. Inflammation itself is an important positive response to cell healing and development and because its controlled and applied under a strategy we welcome this inflammation as the initiating event in a cascade of cellular function that works better than any drug that would have concomitant side effects.

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