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The Dermatowel is strategically designed to be 22.54cm x 22.54cm inches and covers a large amount of surface area and multiple towels in use obviously provide even greater benefits and convenience in use.

The cost effectiveness of the dermatowel is multifold.


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It saves time in the process of sterile prep. Its convenient and time saves time of having the device readily available. Above all, Dermatowel will likely decrease complications, whether that means a failed case or avoiding the use of parental antibiotic. It gives the practitioner confidence that he/ she is now proactive in cleaning the patient before breaching the protective layer of skin and minimizes on site infection.

The chemical component is already widely understood and in current practice. The anti-microbial spectrum is already proven to be one of the leading choices of products in broad spectrum anti-microbial activity. The delivery method however is novel and is a commonly practiced and known effective mechanism used in daily hygiene. The removal of oils and bodily by-products can sometimes only be effectively removed using a wash cloth or textured microfiber. The marriage of these two effective cleansing products will presumably decrease bacterial and pathogen load effectively with a persistent action.

In my currently practice the infection rate is non-existent with concomitant use of this product. I believe the point of entry of needle/ cannula marks are minimized. I have noticed that the sequel of point of entry are minimized. I also apply a post procedure barrier of defense at the entry points. I believe the combination decreases the persistence of a visible mark at that site and decreases healing time. Based on my observations I will probably never go back to previous pre and post op methods. I believe the dermatowel prep has decreased postop inflammation. I am impressed by the clean smell and feel of the skin after the prep. However, a larger sample size and more in depth scientific study may further prove these hypotheses .

The product is currently being manufactured and is available for purchase as a cosmetic product. The product is currently being moved to be produced at ISO certified manufacturing plant (Cost unknown) and to register the product as a FDA class I medical device ($4,624/per device). We are reproducing the towel manufacturing processing plant at the same facility at the currently negotiated price and at no additional expense.


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