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“Perfect Balance” Botox® and Dysport®

A non-surgical method of reversing the signs of aging by causing specific muscles to halt their function (paralyze), leaving skin smooth and unwrinkled.

Perfect Balance is the philosophy and technique developed by Dr. Mauer that addresses the face as a whole.

The face consists of muscles that pull down on the face (the brow) or pull up on the face (the forehead). When only partial areas are treated, consideration is not given to the fact that these opposing muscles interact with each other and the result can have seriously negative visual implications. The treated areas become “dead spots” and are most readily seen along the brow looking like The Spock, Jack O’ Lantern, Lawn Chair, or Nike Sign eyebrows.  Other areas impacted with spot treatment include the eye area and may result in heavy or saggy eyelids.

Perfect Balance avoids these side effects and keeps proportions right by treating the entire face.  With Perfect Balance, the face is completely suspended and equal, which gives you the well-rested face you want, not the look of distortion or someone who has obviously had botox.

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