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Human Artist MD Philosophy

We refer to our practice as “human artist md” because when we think about our patients, we know they’re human beings, worthy of being looked at as human beings, treated like human beings and not altered from their human appearance when seeking out injectable treatments.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of care to our patients.  The differences we provide to our patients are quickly realized. We demand follow-up care and objectively assess the results of all of our procedures, together with our patients. Our approach is grounded in scientific principles and is reproducible with clinical evidence. We believe it is our practitioner’s responsibility to travel the world in pursuit of knowledge, observe, and become better every day.



“Perfect Balance” Botox® and Dysport®

A non-surgical method of reversing the signs of aging

“Crystalline PLA Gold” Sculptra Aesthetic®

Injecting Sculptra and regenerative growth factors

All Dermal Fillers

Volumetric injectable fillers that return youthfulness. Dermal filers volumizers bio stimulates.

Regenerative PRP

Injecting platelet rich plasma (abbreviated PRP) taken from your own blood


Enhance your lips

Regenerative Medicine

PRP, Bone Marrow, Stem Cells From Fat, Amniotic Placental Tissue:
“Using the bodies capabilities to heal itself”

Balanced Evolution

Perfect Balance Neuromodulators: Botox® Cosmetic, Dysport® and Xeomin®

Many of us have heard of and sought after a balanced life.  We often think of this balance in our personal development and inner well-being, trying to live a balanced life, eat a balanced diet, and find a balance between work and family.  But what do we do when it comes to outward aging? How do we keep the balance?

We define balance as the taking of appropriate action when circumstances change so as to maintain a state of equilibrium.  We know our world is constantly changing.  We also know that we as living organisms adapting and evolving with our environment, our bodies physically changing over time.  But when we see those changes in our appearance, what action can we take to keep a good balance.

There is no one size fits all answer. There is no mass injection technique or product.  And it is certainly not the product that is making the difference, since a bottle of botox, a syringe of filler or even a laser machine is worthless and can be quite catastrophic in the wrong hands.

Balance and evolution are the two principles that represent progress and the pinnacle of improving human form and existence.  At human artist md, we seek to maintain a natural state of equilibrium and strive to get better with the changes that come every day.  We call this “Balanced Evolution.”  Balanced evolution is our driving force and is what defines us. We believe that Western Medicine progresses slowly and evolves through clinical trials and peer reviewed authentication.  In the world of aesthetics, we sadly continually see an abundance of clinicians who follow a slow evolution process and follow the leader with few challenges to established concepts that do not achieve an optimum result for the patient. We contrarily believe that progress can only be achieved by questioning and incorporating all of what is available to us and to constantly study and grow our clinical know-how of how to apply it.

Our heartfelt commitment is to always improve and get better than we were the day before. The regulations and common practice of medical aesthetics will limit a lot of what we can do but there is nothing and no one that will inhibit our growth and potential in developing into the most balanced evolved form available today.

Since we achieve aesthetic proportions of balance and true evolution is through a gradual process, our work rarely gets noticed by people outside of our practice, unless we point it out.  It should never look like you had work done.  We believe people only notice the worst, distorted results.  Therefore, we are instead committed to improvement over time, not distorting the natural balance.  This balanced evolution drives our passion and dedication to what we do.


Total Wow Factor. Such a perfect experience… I was scared at first but the Dr and his gorgeous assistant made me comfortable in every way

Private Client, Service - Botox

From first meeting Dr. Mauer, I knew I was in great hands. He is a true artist. He has a great eye for knowing how to work with each patient.

Private Client, Service - Injectables

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